Group Exhibitions

2016 December "Dream In Color" Exhibit curated by Fantasy In Color

2016 December "#AnotherHashTag" Exhibit curated by the "Digital Art Gallery Tour"

2017 January "Art Is Life" Exhibit Cotton Hustle curated by Fantasy In Color

2017 June "The Joyful Gala" Exhibit curated by Lighthouse Studios

2017 August "The New Renaissance" Exhibit curated by Fantasy In Color

2017 December "NOISE" Exhibit Art Basel Miami curated "The Fearless Artist"

2018 January 'B.L.O.M.A" Exhibit National Black Theater curated by Fantasy in Color

2018 May "Works Of Art" Exhibit curated by the Bushwick Street Art Gallery

2018 June "Trap x Art NY" Exhibit Katra Lounge curated by Trap x Art Collective

2018 August "Art At The Heart" Exhibit Artifact pop-up gallery curated by Harlem Collective

2018 October "Pancake & Booze" Exhibit curated by M1-5 Lounge

2019 February "Many Faces" Exhibit curated by The Living Gallery Outpost

2019 September "Free Crib" Exhibit Curated by The Living Gallery

2019 Oct - Nov "Must They Also Be Gods" Exhibit Curated by The Flux Factory

2019 Nov - Dec "Affection" Exhibit Curated by The Orchard Galerie

2019 December - Art Basel "Basel Bash" Curated by BBM

2020 Jan - Present  "Orchard Galerie" Residency (LES, NY)

2020 March "Welcome To My World" Solo Exhibition

2021 January "NYC Arts Empire" Group Exhibition 

2021 April - Present "Kineticks Gallery" Residency (Staten Island, NY)

2021 June - Raw Gallery Curated by Artist To Infinity (Bronx, NY)

Public Projects

2017 November "Perspective" Mural for 5 Start Studios

2018 May Freestyle Mural for Bushwick Street Art Gallery

2018 December Mural via Wynwood Walls Art Basel Miami

2019 November Mural via Good Guys Deli & Grocery in Hollis Queens, New York

2020 May Mural via Dyckman, Manhattan

2020 June "Chalk That Talk" Mural via Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY

2021 June - Present "Art Bridge" Mitchell Public Housing Mural Project "Hue Are You"  (Bronx, NY)

2021 July - Present "Grand Scale Mural Project" "Selfie Love" (Harlem, NY"